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"As a child, I was fascinated by the world of my parents.  My father was a brilliant jazz musician, passionate and ambitious about his craft.  My mother was a successful actor in musical theatre.  Often, she would be on stage while my father was in the

orchestra pit.  While I realised, back then, I would never have the desire to be a performer, I loved the atmosphere of the theatre, with its spot-lighting, the hidden world of backstage, and the thrill of being up in 'the gods' looking down on the constructed scenes.  As an adult, I'm drawn to the natural world, far removed from the productions of my childhood, but those memories influence my paintings today".

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L i n d a   K e o u g h lives and works in northern Tasmania.  She has exhibited in numerous group exhibitions since 2004 in Queensland and Tasmania with sell out solo shows in both states. 

She has been the recipient of several art prizes, winning the Border Art Prize in 2009, finalist in the 2012 Waterhouse Natural History Art Prize, finalist in the 2013 Glover Prize winning the Hangers Choice award, and finalist in the 2015 Glover Prize. 

Her work is held in both private and corporate collections. 


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